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About Us

Brian and Nicole, the developers and founders of RelaxSling, found a need to innovate and revolutionize playground swings. They believe that playgrounds don't accommodate the general public, well, especially children with special needs. Overall, they wanted a place to sit comfortably to enjoy watching their children play while accommodating their children's needs. 

After a long day at work, Brian took his two daughters to a playground. However, as usual, he couldn't find a comfortable seat anywhere and wanted to leave shortly afterward.  That's the moment when he envisioned the RelaxSling concept. Later that afternoon, that vision was conceived by drawing a prototype on a plastic sandwich bag. He soon after developed a prototype that he tested at various playgrounds. 

After months and months of taking the RelaxSling prototype to playgrounds, it became popular with playground goers.  Parents and children would wait up to 30 minutes to try it out for themselves. Everyone who tried the new swing found it so interesting. That's when they decided to name and patent the RelaxSling, turn it into a business, and begin selling it. Their goal is to ensure every child receives an equal opportunity at the playground and beyond.



Portable Swing Attachment

There is a need for a portable swing attachment that helps eliminate human and environmental germs. A swing attachment that reduces the risk of falling off a swing and being injured. The RelaxSling is filling that need. The RelaxSlings storage bag even connects to the sling. Allowing you to store your drink or snacks!!

Caregivers can now safely monitor multiple swinging children. The "RelaxSling" enables children, those with special needs, and adults the ability to relax and enjoy their swings from 6 months to adults.


The RelaxSling

RelaxSlings durable, comfortable materials, allows boys and girls of all ages, the ability to enjoy a hammock like sling that attaches to your traditional playground swings. Parents, you can enjoy the swings on a whole new level with your child again.

Or, what about those days that you're exhausted and still take your child to the park? You can now enjoy relaxing on the swing, while your child is at play.