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We want to personally thank each and everyone of you that has purchase the RelaxSling for your child or family member, who needed a much safer way to swing. You ALL are Phenomenal Parents, because of our customers we are growing tremendously. LETS HELP MORE IN OUR COMMUNITY!! We encourage you ALL to take this opportunity and purchase this AMAZING, Portable, Protection, Swing Attachment. Helping children and families enjoy the sensory of swinging in comfort. That being said, we want to give back and help you afford a RelaxSling for your love one. This will only be through word of mouth. We encourage you to spread this word about this amazing deal. Starting May 28, ending September 24th RelaxSlings will only be $105.00 w/ free shipping domestically. Use promo code HAPPY for this amazing offer. Make sure you tell a friend about this amazing deal.



This is perfect for the play grounds but also great for our home swing set. Our daughter loves her RelaxSling so much.



We absolutely love our RelaxSling. We take it to every park we go to.



Had a chance to try out our new RelaxSling and it allowed me to lay down, relax and swing safely. It's portable so I was able to take it to the park


The RelaxSling

The RelaxSling can be attached to any regular park swing to balance the individuals as they sling rather than swing.

Caregivers of a toddler find it difficult to get their little one comfortable it the bucket swings. Have you notice while you push your unbalanced toddler they are all over the bucket swing.

For sensory children, the playground swing equipment is usually limited, worn and uncomfortable hard plastic.

Children and adults who go to the park to relax and/or do other task like reading, find it problematic and difficult to balance swinging and being able to focus on other task, without having to worry balancing on the swing.

The RelaxSling is an improvement for the children's playground swing because it comfortably nestles the individual in a sling providing them with a comfortable swinging environment.

RelaxSling is a powerful tool that supports and encourages development in children. They help to challenge balance, core strength, and motor skills.

RelaxSling is even more powerful for children who have various sensory needs like ADHD, SPD, Epilepsy, Lissencephaly, Cerebral Palsy or Autism since these slings can help them improve their sensory processing.

The RelaxSling also helps eliminate germs because the user barely touches the actual swing that has been exposed to the elements and variety of environmental and human germs.

Step 1

Locate the top of RelaxSling swing. Take the two ropes with carabiner hooks* located on each side of the fabric and attach both top carabiner hooks into the 18th to 25th swing chain links. Be sure each connection is secure. *Carabiner hooks are a specialized type of shackle, a metal loop with a spring-loaded gate used to quickly and reversibly connect components, most notably in safety-critical systems. Click the arrows below to see the next step and previous step.

Step 2

Next, take the bottom fabric with the five heavy duty snaps and wrap fabric up around the swing's bottom. Then, snap the fabric into itself by fastening five heavy duty snaps into one another to secure the bottom of your RelaxSling swing.

Step 3

Lastly, locate the bottom ropes and carabiner hooks. Hook the carabiners into the 1st to 4th swing chain link. Make sure each connection is secure.

RelaxSling in Action!

The RelaxSling is for most children. It is also for the parent that wants comfortable seating the local parks. Take your RelaxSling to any playground, recreation center, or campsite and swing in comfort!