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Tried out my new @relaxsling & it allowed me to lay down, relax & swing safely. It is portable so I can go to any park & know I can make any regular swing meet my needs!

Sammi Haney (Raising Dion actress)

We absolutely love our RelaxSling. We take it to every park we go to. My daughter can finally swing like everyone else!

Celeste P

This is perfect for the playground parks but also for our playground at home. Our daughter loves her RelaxSling so much she will swing until she falls asleep in it. 

Brittany G


RelaxSling is changing lives for those with special needs

Meet Jaelyn! She is a 12 year old beauty with Cerebral Palsy. For 12 years, her parents would drive 30-45 minuntes just to get to a park that accommodates to her needs. 

The struggle has since been changed. With the RelaxSling they are able to take her to ANY park that has swings now. They do not dread the long distance travel. They are able to enjoy the park and swings at their convenience. 

Jaelyn was scared and timid of the swings because shes been injured from them.  RelaxSling has forever changed all of their lives. They are able to spend more time at the parks. They feel safe and secure knowing that RelaxSling has been created and designed not only for the comfort of the child, but for their safety. You cannot put a price on safety. 

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April's Featured Child

  • Sammi Haney from Netflix series Raising Dion

Sammi Haney from Netflix series Raising Dion