RelaxSling Usage

- Camping                         - Family Vacation Trips

- Schools            - Occupational and Physical Therapy Centers              - Recreation Centers

- Summer Camps                 - Sensory Gyms

- Indoor Home Sensory Areas               - Home Playgrounds             - Local Playgrounds

The RelaxSling Is A $119.99 Value

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The RelaxSling is changing so many lives. From children to adults, to the very special ones with needs. Please tell me, where has this been?! This is phenomenal!! Take your RelaxSling to any playground!! Swinging in comfort with style!!

Simple Directions

Step 1

Locate the top of RelaxSling. There are two ropes with carabiner hooks, on each side of the fabric. Attach both top carabiner hooks into the 18th to 25th swing chain links. Make sure each connection is secure.

Step 2

Take the bottom fabric with the five heavy duty snaps, wrap fabric up around the swing's bottom. Snap the fabric into itself by fastening five heavy duty snaps into one another, to secure the bottom of your RelaxSling.

Step 3

Locate the bottom ropes and carabiner hooks. Hook the carabiners into the 1st to 4th swing chain link. Make sure each connection is secure.

People Are Talking

Tried out my new @relaxsling & it allowed me to lay down, relax & swing safely. It is portable so I can go to any park & know I can make any regular swing meet my needs!

Sammi Haney (Raising Dion actress)

We absolutely love our RelaxSling. We take it to every park we go to. My daughter can finally swing like everyone else!

Celeste P

This is perfect for the playground parks but also for our playground at home. Our daughter loves her RelaxSling so much she will swing until she falls asleep in it. 

Brittany G
  • Sammi Haney from Netflix series Raising Dion

Sammi Haney from Netflix series Raising Dion

Proudly Made In The U.S.A.