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A Unique Way To Swing!

RelaxSling is a portable swing attachment for children and adults.

The RelaxSling

RelaxSling's durable, comfortable materials, allows boys and girls of all ages, the ability to enjoy a hammock-like sling that attaches to your traditional playground swings. Parents, you can enjoy the swings on a whole new level with your child again.



This is perfect for the play grounds but also great for our home swing set. Our daughter loves her RelaxSling so much.



We absolutely love our RelaxSling. We take it to every park we go to.



Had a chance to try out our new RelaxSling and it allowed me to lay down, relax and swing safely. It's portable so I was able to take it to the park


Step 1

Locate the top of RelaxSling swing. Take the two ropes with carabiner hooks* located on each side of the fabric and attach both top carabiner hooks into the 18th to 25th swing chain links. Be sure each connection is secure. *Carabiner hooks are a specialized type of shackle, a metal loop with a spring-loaded gate used to quickly and reversibly connect components, most notably in safety-critical systems.

Step 2

Next, take the bottom fabric with the five heavy duty snaps and wrap fabric up around the swing's bottom. Then, snap the fabric into itself by fastening five heavy duty snaps into one another to secure the bottom of your RelaxSling swing.

Step 3

Lastly, locate the bottom ropes and carabiner hooks. Hook the carabiners into the 1st to 4th swing chain link. Make sure each connection is secure.

RelaxSling in Action!

The RelaxSling is for all children, including those with special needs. It is also for adults who prefer a swing lifestyle. Take your RelaxSling to any playground, recreation center, or campsite and swing in style!